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Vindhya Herbals

Amratarishta - Natural Remedy for Chronic Fevers and Wellness

Amratarishta - Natural Remedy for Chronic Fevers and Wellness

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Product Description:

Discover the natural remedy for chronic fevers, urinary tract diseases, skin issues, jaundice, and spleen enlargement with Vindhya Herbals Amratarishta. Our unique formulation combines the potency of Giloe, Dashmul, Jeera, and other time-tested ingredients known for their healing properties. Amratarishta is your holistic solution for overall wellness.


Key Features:

-Wellness Support: Amratarishta promotes overall well-being, addressing chronic fevers and various health concerns.

-Natural Ingredients: Crafted with a blend of Giloe, Dashmul, and other traditional herbs for optimal effectiveness.


Therapeutic Uses:

-Effective against chronic fevers.

-Supports urinary tract health.

-Addresses skin issues.

-Helpful in jaundice and spleen enlargement.


How to Use:

Take 12 to 24 ml of Amratarishta twice a day with an equal amount of water after meals for natural wellness and holistic health.

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  • Sustainable Partnerships

    We source raw materials from village-level Primary Cooperative Societies, supporting local communities and sustainable practices.

  • Organic Purity

    Our ISO 9001:2008, EMS 14001, and GMP certifications validate our dedication to quality and good manufacturing practices.

  • Community Impact

    We empower collectors with sustainable practices and educate farmers in agro-techniques, reinvesting profits into community development.