Explore our honey processing journey, from sourcing Forest Honey in Madhya Pradesh to rigorous testing, precision refinement, and sustainable practices – all for Ayurvedic wellness.

Production Process

Honey Processing at Vindhya Herbals

At Vindhya Herbals, our honey processing is a meticulous journey from forest to jar. We source Forest Honey from the verdant forests of Madhya Pradesh, collected by registered collectors who adhere to sustainable practices. Our commitment to quality begins right at the collection stage.

Quality Assurance Through Testing

Forest Honey undergoes rigorous testing using MFPPARC's advanced test kit. Only honey meeting our stringent standards proceeds to the next stage. Once verified, it's transported to our facility for further processing and packaging under the trusted banner of Vindhya Herbals.

Precision Processing for Purity

Honey is treated with care. First, it undergoes sieve filtration, ensuring initial purity. Batches are then blended and stored in stainless steel silos or polystyrene-lined containers. Our advanced automatic plant and high-resolution filter-press refine the honey, removing impurities. This refined honey is kept in stainless steel containers for over 15 days, ensuring the removal of traces of wax and air bubbles. Prior to packaging, UV exposure eliminates any potential microbial presence.

Sustainable Sourcing

We partner with District MFP Unions for honey and Minor Forest Produce (MFP) procurement, promoting sustainability. Raw materials from collectors of Primary Cooperative Societies are tested in our laboratories. Non-compliance leads to open tenders. We even encourage local farmers to contribute to our raw materials.

Hygienic Primary and Secondary Processing

Hygiene is paramount during primary processing, involving grading, sorting, and cleaning. Drying, whether natural or artificial, maintains quality. In secondary processing, herbal products like powders, granules, capsules, extracts, oils, and syrups are produced with the guidance of experienced Ayurvedic doctors. Samples are routinely tested during these stages.

Traditional Methodologies and Modern Standards

Manufacturing involves traditional methodologies infused with modern standards. Authorized herbal products are manufactured using "Gajput bhatti," employing traditional fuel like cow dung cakes. We refine certain formulations with pure cow ghee and cow urine.

Robust Packaging and Quality Assurance

Our herbal products are packaged in high-quality, water-proof, edible polypropylene containers. Mouth-sealed with multi-layered aluminum foil, labeled according to prevailing regulations, and aesthetically shrink-wrapped, ensuring pilfer-proof and water-proof packaging. These containers are packed in sturdy corrugated boxes, labeled, and securely strapped.

Commitment to Quality

Quality assurance is embedded in every stage. Raw materials and processed products undergo rigorous testing. Hygiene practices and staff medical check-ups are regular, ensuring utmost safety.

At Vindhya Herbals, every step of our honey processing journey reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the well-being of our consumers.